Cute Boxer Was Really Tired. But What He Does Every Time Mom Asks Him To Sleep? ROFL!

Dogs are like little babies that refuse to grow up. They might grow bigger, but their minds are like that of little children. They want to have some fun, but don’t want to get told off for having too much fun. Another thing they have in common with children is their hate for bed times! The boxer in the following video is a perfect example of this!

Mom had asked him if he was tired. The poor dog is tired, but he doesn’t want to go to bed. When mom tells him to go lie down, he whines in protest! It’s as though he knows he will fall asleep if he lies down, and he just doesn’t want to. The way he whines in protest is just hilarious and equally adorable. After resisting for a while, he finally relents and heads off to catch some sleep.

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