Cute Kitten Kept Trying To Play With Them. So What THIS Dalmatian Couple Did Next? AWW!

Cats and dogs are said to be enemies. But even they can resolve their differences and get along with each other. The little kitten in the following video found the most unlikely of pals in two adorable Dalmatian dogs. By now, you might have seen many animal friendships on the internet, from tigers and bears to goats and horses, but there is something special about seeing cats and dogs get along.

Squirt the kitten was originally brought home to be fostered. The owners had no intention of adopting her, but after seeing her get along so well with the Dalmatians, Louie and Lady, they just had to adopt her as well. She is so hyper playing with her canine friends! The dogs are also very patient with the little guy, and the look of love in their eyes can’t be missed!

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