Magician Made His Treat Disappear. But THIS Shiba Inu’s Reaction? I Can’t Stop LAUGHING!

Everyone loves a good magic trick. It is really fun to watch, even though you know the magician is not performing “real” magic, he is simply creating illusions. But there are some who do not like being fooled at all. The pooch in the following video is one of them. If you’ve ever wondered how your dog would react to a magic trick, just look at the pooch in the following video!

This Shiba Inu was about to witness something really unbelievable. The magician showed him a treat, and right before his eyes, he made it vanish into thin air. The poor dog was more than just a little perplexed. He kept sniffing the man’s hands, trying to track where his treat went. After many failed attempts, he even looked at his owner for support! It ended well though, after the treat reappeared and he got to it!

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