Unsuspecting Dog Thought It Was Like Any Other Car Ride. Now Watch Out For His Next Move—AWW!

Dogs are really simple creatures with simple needs. They love treats, they love being loved and they adore playtime. The can get excited over basically anything, but they go totally nuts when it comes to any outdoor activity. If you have a dog, chances are you know how crazy they get about going for walks. The following video captures the perfect reaction of a pooch who found out he was going to the park!

Scrattie the dog had thought it was just a normal trip in the car. He was calmly sitting in the passenger seat, looking ahead. But as soon as dad made a left turn, he seemed to sense where they were going. He began howling and yelping after realizing that dad was indeed taking him to the dog park! The pooch jumps on to his lap overjoyed and even takes the wheel for a while!

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