Fluffy Puppy Takes Huge Leap Over Drain Grate & Lands In The Cutest Way Possible!

Every breed of dog is special. They have their own unique features and specialties. For some breeds, looking cute is perhaps their only job. The Pomeranian in the following video is a great example. If there’s one thing these adorable pooches know how to do well, it is to make anything they do look unbearably cute! Just check out this pooch below!

The tiny little Pom almost looks like a big ball of fluff with legs. His sweet look is complete with a tiny button nose and bright little eyes. He wasn’t too shy of the camera, instead yearning to take a closer look at it. He had to jump over a drain grate. The slow motion capture of the pooch jumping over the grate is perhaps the most majestic thing I’ll see all week! What a cutie!

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