Poor Pug Can’t Keep Up With Her Siblings While Running. What She Did Instead? AWW!

Pugs are some of the cutest dog breeds. They are very chill and can adapt to any kind of lifestyle that their owners have. The one in the following video is quite special though. Loca the pug is totally normal, but the only thing she doesn’t know how to do is run. This video shows her “singing” a wonderful song about it!

Loca has three other siblings, Alfie, Lucy and Layla. Loca sings about each of their traits and how they are expert are running up and down hills. Loca is jumping and pouncing and flipping all over the place while the other dogs run like bullets shot off guns. But the moral she draws from the story is amazing. She says that none of it matters, because she has a loving family who loves her despite her flaws.

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