Baby’s Favorite Song Came On, But It’s His Reaction That’s Cracking Everyone Up

Kids can do the most hilarious things. You can never tell what triggers them! As soon as they encounter something they find interesting, they let everyone else know they love it. I bet you’ve come across a little kid that is totally obsessed with something and wants to share his love for it with the world! The little baby in the following video loves Will Smith’s “Get Jiggy With It”, and he wasn’t afraid to show his love for it.

This happy little guy really loves the Will Smith classic song. You can’t blame him—it’s really catchy and fun! He starts dancing to it randomly, and its’ just adorable to watch. He gets so excited that he even screams and shouts energetically! After watching this baby, I’m sure you’ll be left with a huge grin on your face. What a cutie!

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