In 1991, David Bowie Snuck Into George Michael’s Rehearsal Room. What He Saw Next? INCREDIBLE!

George Michael was one of the biggest stars in music. The 80s heartthrob made it big as one half of the hit pop duo, Wham. Later, Michael found success as a solo artist as well. Sadly, he passed away on Christmas day, and has left a big hole in many people’s hearts. 2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year, and Michael’s death adds to the long list of legends we lost this year.

This video shows him at a special rehearsal session for a tribute to Freddie Mercury. He chose to sing “Somebody To Love”, and his rendition is just flawless. Brian May seems very pleased with the arrangement. Michael really owns the stage here! Looking in awe from the sidelines are David Bowie, another star we lost this year, and Seal. Let’s hope they are at peace!

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