Cute Dog Snored Loudly In His Sleep. So Dad’s Solution To Make Him Stop? You’ll Be In STITCHES!

Dogs are man’s best friends. They shower us with unconditional love and affection, and are loyal to us no matter what the situation. They tend to pick our habits as they live with us. It might sound funny, but dogs tend to snore just like us! It is quite weird, but true. Dogs snore in their sleep, and some breeds like boxers, pugs and bulldogs are more likely to snore.

King cavalier Charles are also not that far behind in the snoring game! This video shows a king cavalier Charles dog snoring to his heart’s content. He has no idea just how loud he is, and the sound doesn’t seem to disturb him at all. In order to make him stop, his owner recorded a video of him snoring. The man then replayed the same video in a loud volume right near the sleeping dog, and it woke him right up! The poor dog must have learned his lesson!

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