2 Abused Pit Bulls Who Met For The First Time Can’t Stop Dancing After They Were Saved

Hope for Paws managed to rescue these two pit bulls from the devastating conditions they were living in. One of them is called Cadence, while the other one is called Chance. Cadence had suffered years of abuse and neglect. When they found her, her body was full of wounds and scars. The poor pooch was used as a bait dog in dog fighting rings. But thankfully, she got rescued on time. When Chance met her a day later, he wanted to help her with her pain.

Cadence and Chance were rescued separately. But even though they barely knew each other, they instantly formed a deep and long-lasting relationship. The video below features them playing with one another. Their “dance” is more special than we might think. Both of these beautiful dogs were adopted into loving families!

Watch Cadence and Chance dance below! Did this story warm your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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