Debby Boone Set New Records In The 70’s With Her Cover Of THIS Song. Do YOU Still Remember It?

Deborah Anne Boone was best known as Debby Boone. She is an American singer, writer and actress. She is perhaps best known for her song, “You Light Up My Life”. The song spent 10 weeks on the charts, and she even won a Grammy award for Best New Artist. It was the most successful single of the 1970’s in the US and set many new records!

The song was originally written by Joseph Brooks and recorded by Kasey Cisyk for a movie of the same name. Boone’s version was a cover of the original. Her melodious voice really added to enhancing the song itself. Even after decades of its release, the rendition of “You Light Up My Life” is considered to be one of the top ten Billboard Hot 100 songs of all time!

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