Dad Was Slapping Newborn Baby. What His Cat Did In Response? You Won’t BELIEVE This Is Real!

Dogs are man’s best friends, but cats sometimes can be just as affectionate as dogs. Sure, they might now show off their love as openly as their canine counterparts, but they aren’t all cold and indifferent as they are usually made out to be. The following video shows one cat that is willing to do anything for his little best friend. Just check him out below!

The man in this video was playing with his little newborn baby. After a while, he pretended to hit the child. He was actually slapping the cradle that the baby was in. At the same time, he was also speaking as though he was scolding the child. Out of nowhere, the pet cat came in between the man and the baby. He immediately began biting the man’s arms, as if to tell him to stop immediately. What a sweet cat!

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