Student Made This BRILLIANT Commercial For Adidas. What It Was About? You’ll Be Put To TEARS!

Sometimes, the most brilliant ideas don’t come from experts but from those still learning. 26-year-old student filmmaker Eugen Merher came up with a brilliant advertisement for Adidas. It was about an elderly marathon runner who was beginning to feel suffocated inside his nursing home. After finding his old Adidas trainers one day, he is inspired to go for a run.

The man faces many challenges along the way, but he tries time and again to overcome it. The most touching part is how he gets help from the most unexpected place as well. Sadly, Adidas didn’t give him a good response. But this video has gone so viral that Adidas must be really regretting it now! This just goes to show that even students and learners can come up with great ideas too!

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